Welcome to DaZPod, the podcast for German as a second or foreign language (Deutsch als Zweitsprache oder Fremdsprache). At DaZPod you will hear true-to-life stories in authentic German, stories you can readily understand with just a little prior knowledge of the language. You can focus even more on German: As a Basic Member you can read the full transcript for every episode.

You see, German is no different than any other language: You learn by comprehension. Just listen, simply delve into the language. 

Please note that this site exists so that you can learn German. Hence the episodes are in German. The pages are in German. The transcripts are in German and so is the learning material. We will translate some bits and pieces into English and maybe later into other languages, just to make it easier for our listeners to move around. However, not everything will be translated! You are always welcome to address us through email.

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